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       David Lowe


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Single dad to 3 awesome boys that are growing up way to fast.

I was born and raised in the mountains of northeast Oregon. I moved away a year after graduation, living in a couple different places before settling down in southern California. During my 6 years in SoCal, I got married and had 2 sons before moving to north Texas. I lived in Texas 2 years when my third son was born, then 2 years later I was divorced. That just brings everyone up to speed to where I am at now.

I started writing back in high school, I think it was around my junior year or so. I grew up in the Assemblies of God church, but on saturday nights the Baptist church would hold a service very similar to the sunday service only it was geared towards the younger generation. It was during these services where I really got started writing. A lot of it was based on what the sermon was about that night. Some of it was just me flipping pages and finding something that looks good. And then some of it was me just coming up with stuff on my own.

A friend, my cousin and myself had put together a little band around that time and my current mindset was "how can I make this into a song?" I came to realize later that none of them were really good to be song worthy, so I labeled them as poems.

Fast forward about 14 years and I found my old notebook that I used to write in, mind you I hadn't really written anything since high school. I finished one of my poems that I started way back when. Then I decided I would do a short story based on this writing, so I did. The few people that actually read it said it was pretty good. I had enjoyed writing that short story so much that I decided that I would take on the massive task of writing a book.

So I got a new notebook and would again write during the sunday sermon. I don't know why, but that was like the only time that they words would flow through my brain unhindered. Any other time that I would try and write, I would be completely stuck. So over the course of the next year and a half, I would write down small sections of this story in my notebook.

I found some good writing software and starting putting everything on the computer. Once getting everything digital that I had, it totaled up to be about 5 chapters worth. And that is where I currently am sitting.

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Not a lot of news at the moment, I plan on putting more effort into finishing my book.

 David Lowe  

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