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       Danny Clifford


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God has put a passionate message into my heart for the Church body today and for people who truly want to know about God.
God's calling for me is as an Evangelist and a teacher. I am also an author and publisher of two books; Behind Enemy Lines Saved By A Secret Weapon ... And ... Last Call.
I love traveling to speak at Churches, campfires, or book sighing's, as long as the Glory goes to ur Father.
My wife Michelle and I have a Prison Ministry in Maine also, and we enjoy traveling where ever we are invited to share the Gospel of Jesus.
Where ever God opens a door we are willing and available to go.
We welcome your invite.
We do not charge stipends or fees to perform Godís Work. We depend on the Holy Spirit and your love gifts in helping us teach others to become disciples for Christ.
By the Blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony we shall over come.

Behind Enemy Lines Saved By A Secret Weapon
Last Call
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Ministry website

Short Story
Video - Behind Enemy Lines

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Video - Last Call

Ordained as an Evangelist and Teacher by God's servant Prophet Daniel Senga of Meditation Garden Ministry.
We began our prison ministry with the youth Prison in Maine about 7 years ago. In January 2012 we began the adult Prison ministry with a vision to expand it as God opens more prisons.
We provide books, prayer and Bible study meetings and God willing will be taking a Gospel team with message to other prisons within the state of Maine and New England.

  • On February 28, 2004 God granted me an answer to my dreams and prayers, Michelle Knowles became my beautiful wife, friend, and ministry partner.
    God anointed us as a ministry team, serving the kingdom of God. The most important and favorite thing we enjoy doing is sharing the Good News with others that are excited about what Jesus is doing.

 Danny Clifford  Work phone: 207-632-0232
 P O Box 1140  
 Westbrook, Maine, 04092  Contact:

favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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