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Julie Evers Haynes is author of “Freedom in Dependence: 30 Days Closer to Christ.” A teacher of 17 years with experience in both the public and private sector, she has created devotions for both adults and children that both inspire and uplift. Blogger, artist, and devotional writer, Ms. Haynes’ writing is deeply honest, intuitive, and timely. It is Biblically sound and refreshingly on target with today’s issues.

A native of Tennessee, Julie Evers Haynes grew up near the Smokey Mountains enjoying the beauty of East Tennessee. Her parents’ influence provided a deep appreciation for nature and a strong desire to develop a personal relationship with Christ. As a child she announced she would one day be a pastor. God had other plans. She would become a teacher, first in a public setting and later in a private Christian school. Her mission field would become her classroom. Her own struggles and desire to live out the practical and personal application of Christ’s’ teachings led her to write devotions to share with and encourage her students and their families. Her art and devotional writings would become a Christian blog and, later, her first book.
The goals of her writing are two-fold; peeling away the layers of fear, uncertainty, and mistrust that get in the way of a close communion with Christ and sharing the truth of God’s immeasurable grace with others. She welcomes and challenges her readers with a writing style that is open, warm, reassuring, and honest.
Julie and her husband live in East Tennessee with their son and two cats, Oliver and Lilly. Julie’s blogs can be found at and

Freedom In Dependence: 30 Days Closer to Christ

(Anything But) Silence

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  • Educator and author of "Freedom in Dependence: 30 Days Closer to Christ." Freelance writer and blogger.

 Julie Haynes  Work phone: 8656913174
 1717 Hitching Post Dr  
 Knoxville, TN, 37931  Contact:

biography · favorite links · articles · accomplishments · contact me


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