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       Dr. Joe K. Reed


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Dr. Joe K. Reed - award winning author.
Went to school eight long and hard years. Obtained degrees from North Texas and the University of Texas Health Science Center, hook'em horns. Practiced 35 years as a health professional. Finally retired to enjoy life and write. Also ex-Capt, USAF, Viet Nam era.

Writing seems natural to me, so I enjoy doing it. At times I even feel compelled to write. Can you relate to that?

Have authored 3 ebooks published on Amazon Kindle, SmashWords, and Barnes and Noble.

Besides writing, I enjoy hunting, computer nerd stuff, and drowning worms in my new bass boat.

Great thing about retirement is I have spare time literally for the first time in my life. I can also take a nap anytime I wish.

At times I even enjoy doing nothing.
"Hey Joe, what you doing today"?
"Nothing, absolutely nothing".
"But that's what you did yesterday".
"Yes, but I didn't get finished."

God Bless and stay well,
Dr. Joe K. Reed

*Visit my website at which is Dedicated to Christians, Writers, and Readers.


 Dr. Joe K. Reed  

biography · favorite links · contact me


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