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Though always an avid reader, I wasn't one of those "always wanted to be a writer" kind of people. Literally pushed by an unseen Hand, I've ridden the rapids of being a writer while holding on for dear life. I found out along the way that a writer is often a shadow character in what they write, and frequently, the lessons are for the one who puts words to page first, before it ever touches another soul.

Droplets to the Four Winds - Winner of 2013 Best of the Best

Short Story
Palmed Vessel CHILLAX Writing Challenge

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Gated Prisons

I'm currently working on a novel with a familiar setting, but a unique twist. It spans the decades from WWII Nazi Germany to the beaches of Hawaii in the 60's and 70's. It's a story of two different women from opposite sides of the world whose stories hold unexpected parallels of prejudice, isolation and loss.

Their journey from heartache brings them together and nearly tears them apart. Their unlikely friendship, formed on the road to wholeness and healing, takes them all over the world and beyond their imaginations, to heaven itself.


 Tracy Nunes  Work phone: 808-389-7005
 PO Box 5074  
 Kaneohe, Hawaii, 96744  Contact: [email protected]
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