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My life has truly been a roller coaster ride of drama, heartbreak and unimaginable sequence of events, some caused by my own doing and others simply blindsided me. Praise Jesus for saving me!
Oh my goodness, where do I start. My life has been like a soap opera...One drama after another for example: I was a young teenage runaway living on the streets...At age 22 I'd been married twice with 2 children and 2 homes burned down...At 24 I was a quadriplegic and God healed me. Unfortunately, there is much more because I was living a life far from the will of God.

Thank you Jesus for rescuing me during the ugliest time of my life.

I believe God gave me the ability to tell a story. By sharing my experiences, no matter how sad, ugly, or how heartbreaking...if it can help someone not make the same mistakes that I did...if it could help them call out to Jesus for help, it will surely have been worth telling.

No One to Hear Their Cries (Print)
No One to Hear Their Cries (ebook)
Sweet Youth (Poem)

Short Story
The Faith of Nellie

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Wake Me From This Dream

Currently I am writing about the years taking care of my sweet daddy who had Alzheimer's. One thing that I learned, was to laugh with him when you can and cry when you must. Choose to remember the good, because there will be good...I know it sounds hard to believe...but if you let it, there can be good memories through the sadness of a loved one dealing with Alzheimer's...I know...I’ve lived it with both of my parents. I hope any thing I share about my experiences with this ugly invader of the mind, will help those in the midst of it cope better, for both the caregivers and their loved one. Cherish your time together and take the journey back in time with your loved might discover things you didn’t know.


 Carolyn Ahrens  
 , GA, 31329  Contact: [email protected]
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