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     Randy Wishes to thank you for stopping by his writers portfolio web site. His desire is to bring glory to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through his writing. He prays you are encouraged and uplifted by what you read here. Randy’s ministry is called Eagle Destinies, because he believes that all Christians are destined to soar with the eagles.

     Randy and his wife, Rena Lavette reside in Greenville, Kentucky. They are in ministry together and both serve the Lord faithfully. Randy is a minister of the gospel and is bold about sharing his faith. He has seen many come to faith in Christ by his powerful testimony. All the glory and credit goes to Jesus Christ for making Randy into the kind of man he is today.

     Randy is also an author of poems, songs, devotions, sermons, stage plays, and skits. He loves to amuse people with his witty and off the wall humor. Randy knows how to have a good time, but he is well aware of the seriousness of getting the gospel out to a lost and dying world. Randy has devoted his life to sharing Gods message.

     Sit back, relax, and allow these writings to comfort and encourage your soul. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Randy at the email listed below. God bless and he prays that you have such an encounter with God that it radically transforms your heart and mind to where you understand what it is to be a true follower of Jesus Christ.

Randy's Faithwriters Site
The Anointed Pen
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How God Sees His Children

Short Story
A Sacred Communion Experience

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A Religious Experience VS True Conversion

     Randy and his wife Rena sing and minister in nursing homes, churches, fairs, flea markets, or wherever God opens a door for them to share the message of Christ. If you'd like to have them come and minister at your place of worship or event, contact them using the email address below.


 Randy G. Foncree  
 Greenville, Kentucky, 42345  Contact: [email protected]
biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me

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