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       Sara Harricharan


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Sara Harricharan-a young Christian woman with a passion for God and writing stories of all genres to touch as many hearts as she can.

Sara is a creative young woman with a passion for writing. She has written over 200 poems, sixty short stories, two complete novel manuscripts-with a third one in the works. She enjoys writing fiction in all genres. Her talent shines in mystery writing, sci-fi stories and fantasy novels. In her spare time, she enjoys vegetarian cooking, dark chocolate, reading mystery books and working on her latest writing project. She has one cat named Snowflake, affectionately called her "Mewse". Sara is an Apprentice graduate of the Christian Writer's Guild, her mentors were Stephen and Janet Bly.

Recently completed were FAWM, EDMO and SCRENZY 2009. Month long writing challenges.

Wandering Thoughtstream
The Scarlet Quill
Fiction Fusion

River Verse

Short Story
The Flute Mistress

Other Article
Stained Glass & Jellybeans

1st Editor's Choice for "Family Reunion" titled "Silent Sister"

NaNoWriMo '08 Story is complete! Now in the 'editing' phase.

2008 FAWM=February Album Writing Month, is complete, ending with 15 songs total.

2008 Edmo=National Novel Editing Month, is complete with 50.30 hours of editing logged.

2008 Screnzy=Script Frenzy is complete with 104 official pages of script.

  • Meeting and exceeding NaNoWriMo '06 , '07, '08 and '09.

    Meeting and exceeding the 14 1/2 song requirement for FAWM '08.

    Meeting and exceeding both the 50 hour count for editing and the 100 page count for scriptwriting.

  • An EC for topic "FAMILY REUNION" in level three, titled "SILENT SISTER"

    Featured Author Interview on Faithreaders during July 2008.

    Placing 3rd in the Level 2 weekly writing challenge for "Crafts" Titled: Custom Handmade-Valentines $2.00 ea.

    *Placing 2nd in Level 3 with the story "THE FLUTE MISTRESS" for the topic "ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD"

    3 Highly Commended awards for :

    *Lana's Surprising Bible

    *Mistaken War Hero

    *Cookies and Letters

    *Oranges and Cinnamon Sugar


    *River Verse (Writing Challenge) noted as one of the most popular articles on

  • Book Reviews for:

    *Frank Creed's "Flashpoint"

    *Jill Elizabeth Nelson's "Reluctant Smuggler"

 Sara Harricharan  
 P. O. Box 633  
 Greeneville, TN, 37744  Contact:

biography · favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me


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