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D.L. Diener
freelance writer, novelist
I am a freelance writer and aspiring novelist living in northern Indiana with my husband and three children. My aspiration is to write well-crafted articles for reputable companies in order to earn enough income to support my novel-writing habit.

I have experience with various article types though my favorites tend to be inspirational/devoti​onal, how-to, and humor. I also have experience editing website content and with blogging. If you're looking for a good writer, I'd love to speak with you about how we can work together.

Ultimately, my hope is that what I write will be a conduit of God's grace, love, and compassion to those that read it, regardless of the format in which it's written.

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I am editing a novel I wrote last fall. And, when the FaithWriter's Challenge is on, you'll find me there.


 Lynn Diener  
   Contact: [email protected]
biography · favorite links · news · accomplishments · contact me

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