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Personal Information

I was born and raised near Jeannette, Pa.
Have lived in Maine, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio and California. Although I have been an Ohio resident since 1969, I recently retired from nursing after working in Santee, CA. with Dr. Therese Yang, a Christian physician who specializes in caring and treating patients with Lyme Disease.
I have four terrific adult children and have been blessed with a many wonderful grandchildren.
My current hobbies are reading, writing, scrap-booking, cake decorating and singing.

Carol A. Krejci
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I'm currently leading a bi-monthly home group study based on my book "Israel, My Personal Journey." We will be meeting every Tuesday at my home in Lancaster, Ohio.
I am also currently leading a short-term study of Israel in San Clemente, CA.


 Carol A. Krejci  
   Contact: [email protected]
favorite links · news · accomplishments · contact me

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