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I am a life-long resident of Wilmington, Massachusetts and currently work for the town as Assistant Town Clerk. I love to travel and have a variety of interests. My most memorable trips include visits to the Holy Land and to Germany where I saw the Passion Play.

The picture at the left is the church situated at the top of the Mount of Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee. For more pictures of Israel, see my page on MySpace.com

To order my devotional book "Meditations of the Heart" please email me or contact www.authorhouse.com. It is also availble through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

"Meditations of the Heart", written by Carolyn Kenney
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Short Story
God of Infinite Love

Holy Land 2010

Interested in visiting the Holy Land? We are going from Nov. 30, 2010 to Dec. 10, 2010. Contact me for a flyer and further information at [email protected]


 Carolyn Kenney  
 Wilmington, MA, 01887  Contact: [email protected]
favorite links · articles · news · accomplishments · contact me

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