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       Donna Haug


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Donna Haug
- a Canadian missionary currently on a home leave in Toronto having worked in Mozambique, Africa
with her husband, Mark,
and three children,
Esther, Jonathan and Jesse

I was born into a pastor's home. My parents pioneered new churches in isolated coastal communities in Newfoundland, Canada. When I was 8 years old my parents decided to obey the Lord's leading to move once again ... this time overseas. My 4 siblings and I embarked on what was to change our lives forever. We became missionaries to Brazil. I studied at an American missionary kid school in the city of Fortaleza from Grade 4 till I finished High School (with the exception of the one year of furlough - which I hated ... see my short story in the e-book section!)

I returned "home" to Canada to attend Bible College and met my future husband there. Mark is also a missionary kid, having grown up in Tanzania, East Africa.

After 5 years of ministering in churches in Canada, we too followed the call of God into missions. I had long ago given up my dream of ever returning to Brazil when I started dating Mark. All he ever talked about was Africa! But God has a sense of humor! Our first term was spent in southern Brazil directing a boys orphanage!! I had a refresher course in Portuguese and Mark started from scratch.

Before we knew it our four years were over and we wondered where the Lord would lead us next. Three years back at our home church in Toronto resulted in us being sent out as THEIR missionaries, guess where??? AFRICA!

Mark and I with our three children were in Mozambique for almost 6 years. Although there were many challenges, we are so thrilled to be a part of a great missionary team. There is such joy to know you are where God wants you to be!

I've always enjoyed writing. My letters home have always tended to be more journals then short letters. Off and on I would write short devotionals or write out my prayers.

When I first found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I started writing letters to her. I have continued this tradition with my two boys as well as journaling our adventures going and coming on the mission field.

Through encouragement of family and friends I've tried to continue writing despite crazy schedules. Life in Africa tends to be a much slower pace and I'm taking advantage of that fact to seek out opportunities to further develop the talents I feel God has given me.

Haugs in Mozambique


Short Story
Home Again

Other Article
An Apple is An Apple is An Apple

  • My poem, "My Child", was published in a Christian magazine and a couple of articles are in the process of being published as well.

  • We have a website which I update on a weekly basis with an "epistle" telling of some of our 'adventures' for the week as well as updated pictures. To see our site click on the link above entitled "Haugs in Mozambique".

  • I consider my greatest achievement to this point to be having kept up the letter writing to my children, creating a legacy of memories and assurances of my love for them which I hope they will treasure their whole lives.

 Donna Haug  
 Toronto, Ontario, CANADA  Contact:

biography · favorite links · articles · accomplishments · contact me


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