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       Kevin A. Deane


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Faith, Family, Outreach, Honesty, Integrity and Hope.

Kevin currently resides in Ireland which he moved to some 9 years ago now and he loves being there.

Passionate about his faith and his writing alike he writes extensively about the Christian faith and mental health issues as both are a feature of his life.

Now 50, he is now retired on medical grounds and is a father to one biological adult child and many unofficially adopted children of varying ages whom God has placed in his life over the years.

Very active within the mental health writers community Kevin is passionate about demonstrating that God's love and grace is greater than any illness or infirmity.

Voices of Glass
Mental Health Writers Guild
Christian Concern For Mental Health
CreateSpace estore

I am so very grateful for all the encouragement and support that I have received and in response to this I am currently publishing my books.

 Kevin A. Deane  Work phone: 00353539233722
 16 Cluain Charman  Fax 00353539233722
 Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland, n/a  Contact:

biography · favorite links · news · contact me


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