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Housework! How I hate that word; but I loved your line "until its slightly less wet than the sacrifices of the prophets of Baal" - very creative!
Thanks for the great read! The perspective that you draw in the second last paragraph is so true. Dust and clutter are a guaranteed for all of our tomorrows, but not necessarily those moments to carry a friend's heart. Well done. As I scan my untidy room I have great freedom to sit with my bible and coffee. Thanks again.
It is nice to break out of the mold and be who you are and not what others expect you to be.
You have made a valiant stand for showing that pastors' wives are real people. They have personality and they don't have to hide it. If they can coast on the Holy Spirit's encouragement, they'll survive and thrive! I really enjoyed your story and I'm right there with you mentally with a big AMEN!
A cute and creative story that was really fun to read. A great intro. I first laughed at: "there's nothing--except the audible voice of God..." My favorite line was "Sure, I could iron it in five minutes..." I can imagine that the novel this character would write would be as much fun as this story was.
This piece is priceless and packed with humor. Parts are laugh-out-loud funny. I think I know who you are and if I'm right, the time you've been spending in the Word has paid off. Your humor writing is fresh, hilarious, and still delivers a spiritual blow to the heart. I would love to see this piece place. Superb!
Charming and entertaining, with an inspiring message tightly woven throughout! Kingdom work, INDEED!!
Thank you for the chuckle to get my day going. A very creative and fun read.
Very funny. I also liked the line about the prophets of Baal.
Loved this! Such a fun, fun read - with WAY too many tips that could endanger my efforts to be a better "housekeeper" LOL. I think my husband will ban me from this one! Truly enjoyed this!
As someone who would a milion times rather spend her time doing kingdom work than housework, I totally relate to this. Beautifully written, as usual, and a great message.
A "fun" piece for sure! I thank you for the laugh, my daughter thanks you for buying Little Debbies products,(she's an employee there - and L'il Deb's is an "Employee / Shareholder Company, so Employees get bonus's for all sales. Keep up the cake baking routines! Great entry! Loved it!
This is one of my favorites! An excellent portroyal of how pastors' wives are human beings!
Entertaining! Thanks for the wonderful reminder that I don't need to stress about keeping the house "perfect" because God's Kingdom often has other priorities that need attention.
Cute - going to have to try some of those tips myself :)
Congratulations Jan! I was hoping this story would win, it was one of my favorites!
Ahhh Jan...I was a judge last week and fell in love with this piece. Honestly, I wish it was in every womans magazine. It was, well, wonderful. I thought the message was so incredible and creative and very needed for women everywhere. Please tell me if you send this one out. I think there has to be a magazine out there that will grab this one.
I jsut fell in love with this one! Congrats on your win - you deserve it! Sounded like you were describing my pastor's wife! A fun read!!
I loved this because I, too, am a pastor's wife and an "anti-Martha". My love for writing, reading, and the sweet fellowship of coffee and prayer seems much easier to squeeze into my busy schedule than cooking and cleaning.