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Oh, I love this! An exceptional job of portraying our fast-paced society and the futility of it - and, of course, God's hope for us. Wonderful!!
Excellent poem. I loved the rhythm, particularly of the last lines. A reminder to us all to slow down!
She used up all of her heartbeats for meaningless work. You did a nice job of capturing the mood of a workaholic. Ironic: they earn air miles for vacations they refuse to take. There ought to be an airline mile bank that these people donate to so others who don't lack foresight can enjoy them! May God CONTINUE to bless your writing...
Where are all the comments on this piece? Wonderfully crafted with an excellent message. You've written it for someone out there who needs to take this message to heart. The flow and the rhythm were right on, as was the relation to this week's topic. Well done!
Fantastic and creative! Master writing!
Thank you for sharing your thoughtful poem. It reminded me of a little card that I keep nearby that says "Slow down and let God catch up." I especially enjoyed your last stanza. Very well done.
Very good - flawless technically and with a powerful message.
Sounds like one of the Masters; it IS one of the Masters, and it is a masterpiece. I would have preferred less repetition of the one phrase...perhaps every four or five stanza's- but that's just a personal opinion. Great Job!
I loved this poem! How true it is...she should have stopped to smell the roses.
Great writing! Great rhythm! Great message! I guess I'd consider this piece GREAT! :) Masterfully written ... thanks for sharing! :)
Outstanding, excellent in all aspects.
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