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Very sweet! :) Karen
This is awesome! I got a spiritual parallel at the end there, was that right? At first I thought it was just, and I hate to use this word, adorable. But a deeper meaning really jumped out at the end and it was beautiful. How our Heavenly Father must watch us in much the same way. This was great all the way around. God bless!
Warning - attempting to follow in your father's footsteps before reason sets in could be hazardous! Or should I say "fall-ow!" Ahhh . . . but ya gotta try!
Do I detect another poetry win? If so, it certainly deserves it. Very well written and fun. Clever title, creative take on "walk." Excellent work!
Precious! Just precious! A Masterpiece for sure! Who couldn't love this wonderful story of baby's first walk!? Kudos, my friend, Kudos!
I enjoyed this - it is rare to hear the voice of a new toddler. Of course, when they find their feet, they soon find their own voice too; then the trick is getting away from their endless chatter! Great poem.
Just loved this! So delightful, and I just giggled at some of your images. A true joy to read!!
Three-for-three for you, my friend--this is one of your best.
Awww... this was beautiful.
This is precious!
Hehe, I loved the legs that firmed up like Cream of Wheat.
This is wonderful. You captured the true essence of a baby's world. Great job.
Wow, this is one well-spoken, well-thought toddler..those parents better start saving for Harvard now! LOL! Wonderful piece and I too saw the spiritual parallel of a Father's guidance even when we don't feel or see it. Loved it!
Adorable! (loved the cream of wheat line lol)
Loved it, loved it, loved it! Sounds like you're indeed three for three. Awesome, awesome job. thanks for the smile :)
What a wonderful perspective, literally!

I had to read it aloud, twice...I love the rhythm. Awesome...a winner in my book.
Three for three Kenn! Awesome job! As you already know I fell in love with this poem and it tickles me pink...I mean blue that it has placed!
Congratulations! You set the bar higher each week with your inspired writing!
How sweet! Congratulations, I just loved it.
So Precious! Congrats!