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I liked this a lot, nothing was solved, but the reactions were very real. I especially liked the fact that he didn't want to see the pastor, but when he did, his true colours couldn't help but shine through as he walked with his repentant friend.
I really liked this story. It devastates me that the church seems to think christians don't or shouldn't have any problems but it wasn't till the Pastor in your story came to Ed's house that I realized I was doing the same thing to Pastor's - expecting them to be perfect. I hope that if I am ever in a similiar situation as Ed, that I wouldn't desert a true rependant Pastor. Two suggestions as for editing: cut the -ly words. Adverbs should be used to a minimum. Use sronger verbs instead. And watch out for -ing words. Change "fear began creeping" to "fear crept".
Your message is awesome - it's real. We need more writers like you.
A realistic confirmation that pastors are human too! I liked the fact that he was repentant and was about to admit his failure and face the consequences of his actions, which is always necessary any time we sin. I wish you'd had a few more words to give us a stronger glimpse of God's grace and forgiveness but that blasted word-limit! LOL
Excellent writing, great message.
"All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God"; what a beautifully written story regarding this scripture. A friend that would offer to walk with you into the "lions den" so to speak. Great read of a sad but human story...intriguing.
Very well done.
Wow, Lori! This is incredible!
Well done, beautifully written. There was such a great flow as you moved from present to recent past and then brought us back to present.
I loved the MC! It's not what we say that matters so much as what we do. Talk about a beautiful example of unconditional love and the true support of a brother in Christ.
Thank you for spurring me on to keep looking out for ways to walk as Jesus would.