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This is soo sweet. I love the way you give us a little of the story at a time by using the people she is seeing as she walks down the aisle, the memories, the emotion, it really works. I do find myself curious as to the nature of the accident. But that word limit gets in the way, I guess. All in all, a great love story.
This is a beautiful love story and I enjoyed the way you captured the spirit of the day through glimpses of the people she has shared the experiences of her life with. Most excellent job.
This is excellent. Loved the bible verse at the end.
Great title, and the snippets of information conveyed so much, great work.
Beautiful. A very heartfelt story with wonderful descriptive writing. I love the use of scripture which fits so perfectly. Excellent job!
Nicely done. So glad you focused on the wedding day instead of through the long, long, days of pain and suffering. I've read so many sick, ill and heartfelt stories lately that it was a welcome relief to read a change of pace. You wrote the ills and sickness part as secondary and the Happy Strides forward you accented! Thank you...I loved it.
WOW! WOW! WOW! I love the way you placed me right in the church, the smell of roses and burning candles. Then told me the story during the walk down the asile. I hope this one wins!!
Yes, so sweet! I loved how every person and memory was a part of her journey to her husband and her happiness, how they all celebrated her truimphs with her. Excellent entry, beautifully told!
Few challenge pieces have actually made me tear up but this one did. Wonderfully and beautifully written - truly a masterful entry, from the title to the closing
verse. A contender for sure!
Oh - this is absolutely WONDERFUL. I could not stop reading from the beginning to end. This was written as a TRUE master. And your closing verse is absolutely PERFECT. This was a true blessing to me!
Beautifuly done. I too loved the way you focused on the positive aspects. Great job.
This was really good! I got tears in my eyes reading it but especially the part with her mom!! Great job of pulling the emotions!
This beautiful story reminded me of the hall of faith scriptures, with her walking down a path of victorious accomplishments to a wonderous reward. Wonderful story telling.
I haven't read the hints yet, but I do believe that this wonderful story is true (or will be coming true in the next year or so, how are those diet brownies comming?LOL) Goregous story, glad I was able to read it.
Congratulations Jan, this was one of my favorites this week, I am so happy to see it in the winners circle!!
Jan, looks like you've gone and done it again...another one of my favorites and it has placed 5th in EC.

Great story-telling. Great writing. A sweet romance. This "unlucky" woman is so "lucky" to be surrounded by such a crowd of loving friends and family. It rings very true. You have created such a real person, and with so few words. Masterful!
In this arena of consummate storytellers, you, dear Jan, shine. I cannot wait to have the faithwriter book with this entry in my hot little hands!
This is beautiful, Jan! Congatulations on a well-deserved win! I'm sure I know where you got your inspiration....Excellent job as always!
Jan, congratulations! Yes, many of us are so privileged to know how close to home this beautiful story is for you. What a grand hallelujah you have presented, a fitting tribute to a beloved overcomer, to a whole family of overcomers!

It's so satisfying to drop into FW for a visit and find your excellence shining here once again on the EC honor roll!