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Great message in here. i kinda felt like you went on a few different trails so it was kinda hard to follow at first, but you brought it to a wonderful conclusion. You left the reader with food for thought. Great work!.

(oh, and you spelled "bee stings...bee STRINGS.")
It may be difficult to understand this, but as I was reading this piece I chuckled and grinned, but at the same time my eyes were brimming over with emotional tears. Such a masterful piece to bring both laughter and tears at the same time! Wow, great job! Fantastic read...and I loved your Title! "Foot Note".
Super! Great thoughts!
LOVE your first paragraph or two - made me laugh - and the rest - made me think! What an excellent combination in once piece of writing!! Enjoyed this immensely!
I too have always loved walking around in my bare feet. "However it happens, it will be the most glorious day in all my life. That day my bare feet will walk with His!" What an awesome thought!

I really, really enjoyed this! I admit, I've never thought so in depth about feet in the life of Jesus, but you made it so interesting and relevant. Beautiful thoughts here. Fantastic!
This was wonderfully creative and inspiring. I found it very easy to follow. I enjoyed it immensely. I did find one sentence that you might need to take a look at: I believe His feet be first! Great job.