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I found this amusing, and almost busted a gut at this line:

"Nothing had been touched since I packed it away. Fifty-seven copies of Runners World with picture after picture of emaciated Kenyans who ran three to four hundred miles a week in preparation for some marathon. These guys were icons of physical fitness to me once. Now all I saw was a bunch of folks sorely in need of a cheeseburger and curly fries."

Very well written. Thank you for sharing.
Ha ha ha - I can relate to this a little too well. Loved it!
I knew where you were heading with this story, and yet when I got to the end I still had a good laugh. You delivered the last line very well. An enjoyable read all the way through. Good job.
This was awesome! So funny. Very orginal. Hope it places. I laughed out loud at so many places. Great writing!
This is DELIGHTFUL - and it has the PERFECT title. You had me rolling in the aisles through EVERY paragraph. What a joy this was to read! What a wonderful adventure into this man's head.
"Ha,Ha, sniffle,snort..."Wow, my sides are splitting! Great entertainment in this gem of a story! Thanks for the "jollier" side of life...I enjoyed it thoroughly. Great Job!
You do humor so well!! I laughted so hard tears were falling. Master writing at its best.
Except for that "to" in the first sentence--every word perfect. Your wry, self-deprecating humor is absolutely hilarious. Such a unique voice, and so much appreciated here--wish we had more humor writers.
I agree with everyone, tremendously well-written and just hilarious. What I really loved, though, was in spite of obvious setbacks, you still kept going at the end. So funny but still with a great message. Loved it!