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I could really identify with Lauren! I liked how at the end she did what she needed to do - set her priorities in line - and she was so much better for it. It challenges me to do the same. Great job!
This is such a refreshing way to write about what the soul is ... beautiful. And the need to feed our soul ... well done.

When this topic came up, I actually had to get out a dictionary and put into words the definition of a 'soul' ... you did it much better than the dictionary.
Simple, Sweet and to the point in a very touching way. I loved the innocence of a child being used to teach and convict a parent, affirming what the He was already speaking to her. Wonderful portrayal of soul.
This is one of my favorites!
What a beautiful way for a mom to describe "soul" to her child---great job!
I liked the fact that you put a scripture down - Ps 42:1 - but I had to look it up to see what it said; thanks for a delightful story and for the sharing the lovely bible verse.