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This story is excellent! You grabbed the readers' attention and held is straight through.
I think this is the best story I've read for "soul," so far. Don't let that mound be what your narrator implied. We readers want this story to be a book and to know how the little boy came to be where and how he was. More, more, encore!
...and to think I don't listen to the news because it is too depressing. This is a very sad story about life. Instead of a mound, I wanted somebody to rescue the boy - but I desperately hope this is fiction; however, an excellent job of writing by one of FW's Masters. The writer lives up to the title.
Very unique twist on the subject. Interesting dialogue and storyline. Great piece!
Could be expanded to be a nice short story. Reminded me of the persecuted and imprisoned Christians around the world. Men can abuse, but they cannot take the Jesus out of someone's heart. Good job.
Echo, we want more. Masterful and gut wrenching. All kinds book potential here. Loved it. What an ending, leaving enough curosity to drive one crazy, so like I said, "How about an expanded version?"
I agree with all the comments. This story is both gripping and compelling. Materful writing!
Yikes! You really whapped us with that ending--I loved it!

A quick note: "Whence" means "from where", so you don't need the "from" in that sentence.

Awesome dialog, just the right touch of suspense and mystery--great story.
Oh my goodness! What a twist at the end. This story made me ache for the boy. I had tears in my eyes. This is masterfully written. What gut wrenching, soulful writing. The worth of one soul is great isn't it...Bravo!
Loved it! Top-notch writing, use of dialogue & held my attention.
This has just got ta be my favorite! I'll echo the above comments...more, more, more, please!
mystery brewing here...
The ending definitely was a surprise! Great writing in every detail!
Very well written and gripping story. Great job.
Powerful story! One thing that perhaps not many would even notice--the rhyme of came, name, and frame on the ending of the first few sentences really distracted me, hehe. Other than that minor thing, this was great!
Just browsing and came on this story. WoW! So powerful, and sad. I felt like I was living in there somewhere.