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The writing is great and right on topic. I don't know if I even blinked when I read it. What a frightening experience - praying for you and your husband.
Wow! This is certainly powerful writing on a gripping topic. I hope "Fred" agreed to let a doctor check things out!
Yes! Brilliant in the Writing Dept. - but lacks common knowledge in the Medical Field about heart attacks. The first is usually followed by another...and sometimes massive. (first-hand knowledge). However, "writing" is what we critique on here - and that is very good.
Yikes! I liked the recurring seagull motif...this is written with immediacy and skill.

The men in my family would do the same ... good grief.....

Well written - I was right there with you at every moment.
How scary!!! But, wow - I am impressed with how well you can tell this story when it is still so fresh! I can't imagine I could get two thoughts together about something like this just a week after it happened! Praying for you, and praising the Lord for your gift of writing!
good article, but when I read the title..and I'm dating myself...I immediately thought of Red Skelton and his Hecliff and Grutrude routine!
Well written, especially for the emotion being so fresh. Good job.
Great story telling. Somehow knowing that it happened recently makes it that much more real. Good job. I'll be praying for "Fred" and the family.