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Great article, bringing in recent events to win points for Jesus. We had a great time here when Guy Sebastian won Australian Idol. He is a Christian worship leader, and determined to use his influence for Jesus. He has us planted everywhere!
Very good. Taylor has been known to perform in my neck of the woods from time to time. I was glad he won as well.
Your writing is very smooth and you communicate clearly. Your point was ministered with clarity. A top-notch entry. Hopefully Simon isn't commenting on any stories here. But I do think he was impersonating a member here on a comment I received last month...
God Bless.
I wanted Taylor to win right from the start.
God's Soul Patrol...never thought of it that way but I'm with you all the way on that one!
Taylor Hicks is from my home town - so, yes...I watched, I voted, and I became addicted. A very clear message comes from this story - and gives us all food for thought. (I would have liked it better if you had "laughed so hard you split your sides..however) Good job!
Ok, I admit it too, and for the first time in American Idol history I voted and for Taylor. That aside, I agree with the clarity comment. Your writing is very clear and concise. Wonderful comparison. Blessings
A big "woo hoo" for Taylor--and this is exactly what a well-written devotional should be. So entertaining, and then the payoff. Excellent.
Terrific entry. I admire your clear, fresh style and the excellent message.
Yes, this is delightfully contempory and has such an easy to read style. Very enjoyable! So well written! BTW, my soon to be SIL worked lights for Taylor a few years back. He says Taylor's as friendly and considerate in real life as he appears to be onstage.
American Idol ... nah. But Australian Idol - now that's another matter! When 'Guy' was discovered a few years ago, wow, that was amazing ... the first Australian Idol ... none of the more recent ones have come anywhere near that.

Oh - am I getting distracted? Comments ... yeah ... very well written ... a great hook (works for me!) ... fun puns ... great writing!
A very creative application to the topic. This was a fun and entertaining read with an effective message. Great job!
Definitely a great link from pop culture to God's culture. I enjoyed this!
Ok, I admit it, I've never watched American Idol and I wouldn't know Taylor Hicks from any other hick, but I do know good writing and this is good writing. You did a great job here and American Idol probably even benefited by gaining a few more fans.
clever...never watch the show until the season finale this year...Taylor's car commercial rocks!
As a Taylor Hicks fan, you had me at 'Soul Patrol', I really loved the way you turned this around to exort us to be witnesses for Christ!
Cute -with a point (and no I don't watch AI lol).
This was awesome! Loved it, loved the writing and the message - and I too loved watching Taylor Hicks on AI!
I admit to being a Taylor Hicks fan too! He was a favorite early on for me, so I loved how you tied him in to your entry. This had a great message and feel to it. Loved reading it. :)
What a great parallel you've drawn. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks.