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I loved reading this!!! It is such a perfect illustration of what our bodies really are - temporary tents. Thank you for reminding me of that! God bless!
Very nice; a great, entertaining read. I think my favorite line is where you describe just how old the tent is...I know the feeling.
Then - coming in to the warm fire - wow. What a great end.
Thanks for sharing.

God bless,

There's some wonderful symbolism in this piece. There's alot more "dying" than just the tent! LOL! I saw one small typo. In the section below you might want to either use different punctuation, or make a complete sentence out of "Family and friends."

"Solitude is nicethe walking and camping alonebut mostly Ive camped with others. Family and friends."

Never did much camping, but my soul has felt like a storm tossed tent at times. Was kinda hoping the character would see his tent restored to its original condition at the end, but I liked the way you did it too. Excellent story. Very well writen.
Love to camp but more so, I loved your story. I sure hope it places!
Not one mention of "soul" here, but another commenter drew it for me. Great work of artistic thought; and I too loved the "old as...but not as old as..." part. One "I" just before that needs to be deleted...but great read! Loved it through out!
This is extended analogy that just gets better and better as the reader realizes what's taking shape here.
The story just kept unveiling I continued to read. Comparison of the body to this tent was amazingly accurate. Very, very well done! :)
Slowly this piece came to life for me. It was like a gradual unfolding and it help me captive throughout. Truly masterful writing!
This is absolutely the best thing I have read all week. Brilliant.
This one made me cry: Beautiful, an absolutely beautiful expression of this tattered tent we live in.
Brilliant! Powerful, powerful message!!
cool! i like what you did.
Good stuff. This was eloquently done. I really enjoyed this.
Oooooo - very cool...... I love the transision -

(oh -and on a camping note -I've never met an unfriendly camper :) )
Congrats on your win. This is wonderful!
Yeah, 5th place EC. Way to write! One of my favorites this week.
I just finished reading through "Hidden in the Hymns," and I had to let you know that this piece moved me deeply. I'm so glad it made the book, because I might not have read, or been blessed by, it otherwise.
what a nice surprise to get your comment. i'm so glad this story blessed you!