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This is an excellent description of the feelings many people face over their unsaved relatives. It's true that it's tempting to preach, relying on our efforts, but we must remember that it is all in God's hands. I really enjoyed this piece, as it is so real.
I cannot seem to stop the warm flow of tears as I am reminded of the same situation with my son who will be 29 in a few weeks. I must keep my faith strong and continue to lean on the promises of my creator, and his creator. I, too, restrain with much effort from preaching, merely loving and re-assuring my son that he will always be my son and I will always be here for him, as will his heavenly father. Thanks for the encouragement and my prayers will be for you both.
I really hope this one does well ... and not only because it deserves too! Its message is one we all need to learn.

If I was being critical (which I suppose is allowed in Masters!) I would argue against having divine interventions that come neatly after a change of heart of some kind -- although I know from experience they happen like that in real life, it just makes me uneasy when they happen in fiction.

You suceeded in sensitively addressing a very real human (Christian) emotion - one that is raw for some people - it makes this piece IMPORTANT. Difficult to give higher praise to any piece of fiction!

You caught my attention from the start. I had to laugh at your desire to sing and then again at your composed response. Very cute. You shared a serious struggle that many can relate to and offered a positive message. Well done.
Your title is catching and the story is not disappointing. It is touching and reads like somebody's true experience. Well done.
A beautiful DEEP slice of life. An incredible easy and enjoyable read. Great work. God Bless!
This is not only an entertaining read, but also a piece that ministers. I loved the line about "turned over my Junior God badge"...this says a mouthful! Let go and Let God! Thanks for sharing this!
I like Christine have a 29 year old daughter I am praying for. I also have heard those special still voices to my heart. Thank you for reminding me with this really well written story, depicting our struggle so well. loved it
Yup, very very good. Two minor things--salvaton "tract" not track, and--this is purely personal preference--I wonder about using the present tense in a piece that covers several time periods. But I loved the situation and its resolution, and your characters were beautifully painted.
I, too, know a family with a daughter just like this one who, by the way, is an Emily also. So many heart breaking moments, but as you've presented, a God who loves each Emily more than we ever could! Wonderful job at aiming straight for real life, and hitting the mark!
So many of us, as parents, can relate to this. You covered this subject very well. This is not only well written, but is an great encouragment for all of us.
With a 750 word limit, you packed a lot into this piece. The thing I liked most about it was the ending - it wasn't wrapped up neatly but left an impression of hope, leaving the reader to wonder some more about the daughter and whether or not she actually made the decision for Christ.
Great job.
I sure can realte to this story. From both sides.......which is probably not a good thing then again it just may help. Thanks for sharing this.
love the "Junior God badge" cute!
It's an emotional story that leaves tears after reading. Thank You.
It is so tempting to "help" God, especially when our loved ones are at stake. Nicely done.
Very very well done, very relateable (even though mine aren't that age yet). I could see it all unfolding.
Very poignant. A great reminder to "Let go..and let God..."