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This is so clever, but carries a powerful message as well. Loved it!!
Nice flow and fun to read.
This is fun, and so very true. GREAT job!
Excellent lesson! Loved it.
I loved it! To work incorporate all the different search engines was very creative.
Wonderful flow, and the message shined through beautifully.
It's always sheer joy to read your delightful and inspiring verse! I think the word is....GREAT!
You words, rhymes and rhythm just dance down the page, and I am squeeling with delight at your wonderful poetic gift! I wish it were as easy as you make it look! Another one for my favorites.
I read with a smile on my face. Loved the light feel and your finding the greatness of God demonstrated in your family and in God's grace to you. Good work.
Another great poem from you, Kenn. Creative and clever, as always. I enjoyed very much!
Awesome, as always, with the last two lines a perfect kicker.
Tremendous fun. The life and work of Jesus, of course, is a good place to begin the unsearchable (unfinishable?) search. On a different note, I really enjoyed the list of all the search engines, some of which I haven't used in years! It's like being reminded of old friends :-)
Love it! It was fun to read as the rhythm and meter just bounced along! "Great" work! :)
Awesome job, as usual. I enjoyed this very much.
Congratulations Kenn! Wow! Another 'great' one to treasure.
Another 'Great' poem!

Congrats on your win!
If this isn't the author I've dubbed my first choice for Poet Laureate of the USA! Am I surprised? Congratulations, Kenn! Keep writing those marvelous poems!
Congratulations!! Keep praising Him with your awesome writing!!
Congrats! Great message and so fun!
Kenn - you said you didn't think this was as strong as you would like - I disagree. This is a powerful piece, not just because it's from Kenn Allen. It stands by itself. You captured the topic extremely well and inspired a sense of God greatness that we can feel as we ready the tightly wound lyrics. Thank you for the experience.
This isn't talent, this is gift of grace and it shines in every word.
congrats! Poetry always amazes me. "Great" job!
This was definitely 'out-of-the-box'. Congrats on your well-deserved EC win!