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Powerful writing with hope but no easy answers. Excellent.
Very real writing but I felt like it ended too abruptly. Although she took the first step in breaking her addiction, I would have liked to see some hope for the woman. But that's just me. Otherwise a strong piece.
Powerful writing and quite realistic... it gripped me...
Obviously this writer has either Been There & Done That, or intimately knows somebody who has - as it is portrayed so realisticly. Needs a more satisfying ending (just this Readers opinion, however)- but I loved the Title. Nice job.
I liked the way that you avoided the instant answers – very brave writing! Doing the right thing does not always lead to an easier life.
You really captured the struggle of an addict. Well done!
One can truly feel the bleeding of a heart here. A very well done piece. May god's bless go to the writer.
Powerful writing! Felt every emotion, and hung on to every word.
She felt a cool wetness where her cheek met the pillow

I loved this line. He saves our every tear. Wonderful writing. Brenda
Very believable. I can't imagine such intense struggles! Loved this line: "A void so deep her soul cried crimson tears."
You brought us right into the room--right into her soul, in fact. The only thing that might improve this would be to italicize some of her internal thoughts--but that's just a personal preference. This is masterfully written.
'A void so deep her soul cried crimson tears.' - WOW!
Very good story. Great job.
wonderful job capturing the strugle of addiction. Not only that, but the source of addiction. This girl wasn't looking to feel good- she was looking to NOT feel bad. The things we let enslave us are our attempts at avoiding pain, but yes, there is something greater! Terrific.
I'm so glad this placed J.C.!
Congrats on your win!
Congratulations on your EC win!!
Congratulations on your win! I'm SOOOO glad you're back! I think your ending was perfect - you didn't wrap it up neatly (that would have discredited the realism of the story), but the victory of that moment was the whole point. Fabulous, masterful writing.
Another of my many favourites in this challenge. Great writing!