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Oh, I loved this, and I am definitely in tears! I know so many of these stories in real life, when the medically impossible became possible. Great job of telling this beautiful story of God's greatness, and Nathan's great faith!
Loved the TRUTH factor.... Oh, this needs to be put in your little boy's baby book for him to always cherish... along with a picture of his little sister. :-) A little child shall lead them.... Your little boy sure did that.
This story hits close to home for me and is evidence that miracles are still alive and well today!

My brother-in-law and his wife were told they would never have a baby naturally because both of her tubes were severely damanged from a tubular pregnancy. They tried in-vitro fertilization and she gave birth to a son. Only a year later, she got pregnant the old fashioned way - truly a miracle! They went on and used the remaining sperm and had two healthy twins. They are now the proud parents of 4 children!

Your story was wonderful - oh, to have the faith of a child...
I thought this was familiar...Great testimony! Praise God!
This had me smiling. Oh, what we can learn from the faith of a child. Well told and so fitting for the topic.
Wonderful testimony! I loved Nathan’s question “If I asked for a sister, why would God give me a brother?! I love such faith but have to confess that I don’t always demonstrate it!
Love it! Nothing beats the faith of a child.
Simply lovely. My daughter has two childen. It took eight years and the doctor still doesn't know how it happened. This story is a precious reminder to me. Wonderful job.
The dialog flowed very nicely. Loved the story line.
Oh, how precious! He's my hero, too.
Thanks for reminding me to have faith like a child. Great job!
An excellent twist on the topic, and a great story well told!
I have tears of joy in my eyes. You told this beautiful story perfectly. I haven't read many entries this week, but this is a winner regardless of the results. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.
Congrats on placing Beth!
I'm so glad this great entry will be in the book. We need ongoing reminding that Jesus did not say, "except ye become as wise adults...." No, it is the little children that are greatest in the Kingdom of God. Thank you for giving us your story, and CONGRATULATIONS on the EC win!
Beth, Congratualtions on your Ec win with this delightful story. Keep praising Him with your writing!!
A beautiful story - all the more because it is true. This was one of my many favourites this challenge.