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Loved the line --- inside the only name that is Heaven sent --- Good stuff.
The last stanza was thought-provoking.
A good poem. The rhythm was good, but I think that some of the rhyming couplets needed to be tighter. There were one or two grammar mistakes – “if His name’s raised” needed an apostrophe, and “the symbol too (as in also) must die”.
I agree with Melanie - I think poetry demands tighter attention to gramatical errors. Every little glitch takes the reader off track.
The topic might be a bit weak - but the Message within this poem is Great with a capital "G"! The despise and hatred of our Redeemer today, rivals that same hatred that occurred on Calvary. Super Job...Kudos!
I wonder too!
I think you've captured modern-day thinking so well. Perhaps not as strong as it could be as far as topic goes but definitely a well-written and thought-provoking piece.