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Powerful visual...... Loved the twists and turns... I'll be thinking of Gracie the Great the rest of the evening.
Very good story within the 750 word guidelines! Touching and sad, yet filled with hope. The only thing that didn't flow for me for some reason was the first paragraph. Other than that, nicely done.
Touching story...
Beautiful, heart-wrenching story!Left me with tears streaming down my face for little Gracie.
Heartfelt story! I felt like I was right there in the office with "Gracie the Great." I felt each emotion and even cried with her.
What a wise lady the counselor was! And patient too! I think you did a good job o letting us see into the mind of a child and how they perceive tings and how they deal with tragedies.
Good emotions. I think pretty realistic as well and a great peek into the mind of a child too in how they might think of an accident and their part.
You did this in a hurry? I should write so well when I'm in a hurry! Gracie's emotions live. Great piece.
What an artist you are, Jan! This portrait of Gracie is so compelling. I could see the actress who played the little daughter in 'Hope Floats' playing this part in an expanded version for a TV movie.
Trying to comment while crying, this is beautiful and real. This one will stick with me. Excellent writing! In a hurry huh? I'm goina write faster next time.
Such a tragic story that left me smiling at the end. Gracie's character was endearing and believable. Great writing!
It's difficult to pace a child's recovery in so few words, but you did a good job of it. Gracie was precious and we feel for her - and that's good.
Great dialog. Her breakthrough was a little rushed - but what can you do with such a word limit. Amazing what goes on in the heads of these little ones.
I loved this. One of my fav's for sure! I wish I could write something like this in a hurry.
Tender and touching.... not much that can be improved upon... wonderful, as always...
What a story! You had me drawn in from word one to the very end! I loved the finish - definitely gave me just the right feeling to finish this wonderfully crafted piece!
A tragic story with a wondrous ending. Oh, for that twinkle in a child's eye! There is something undeniably pure about it.
Thank you for sharing this, and for finding Gracie's Joy.

God bless,

Jan, you have so many comments extolling the virtues of this wonderful, moving story, you don't need mine. Still, I don't suppose you mind another one! This story is very haunting, and beautifully observed. Thank you for letting us see Gracie
discover her joy again.
You've painted the picture of Gracie the Great beautifully, and you've revealed to us the story step by step, so as to keep us wondering. My only criticism (which is just an opinion, really) is that at the beginning, I didn't know the relationships between Nora, Grace, Sophie and Jack, and so was a bit too confused for a moment or two. My opinion only. I really enjoyed this and the ending was great too.
This is weak and hurried?? I wish my weak entries were this good.
I agree with Tim. This is wonderful.
One of my personal favourites in this challenge. A very moving story. Well done.