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A well-crafted poem with a nice easy rhythm. That 'still small voice' always turns our minds in the right direction.
This captures one of those wonderful moments in a Christian's life; the house is quiet, the TV is off, and personal meditation is acute. It is these special moments we feel closest to God. Bless you for putting it into words.
Absolutely beautiful! A must read for believers,and to be read over and over again. I especially loved stanzas two and eight. This poem is bound to bless and encourage many. I know it has for this reader.
He believes in me??! What a beautiful concept. And expressed so well here too. Well done.
I love this! Just beautiful in its simplicity, truth, aptness of wording, tight rhyme and meter. Best of all, the whole concept summed up in the last stanza: all our strength for serving Him comes from receiving our worth and identity from Him alone. Superb!
Lovely poem, and so encouraging. It's like cool water to a thirsty soul, to think that God would believe in me. It's like what King David said, what is man that thou art mindful of him.
Yes, just beautiful, and encouraging too. It's good to have others believe in us, but the thought of God believing in us is awe-inspiring. Very well done!
Yes, absolutely lovely in every way!
I love it all! Ecspecially the last stanza.
Anita, from a hand inspired by the Master. What a touching message of life. I honestly have tears falling down my face. Beautiful!
Wonderfully encouraging and an uplifting perspective! Worth a read (or two!) And a great read at that! :)
Added your poem to my favorites list.

Keep on writing for the glory of HIM!

This was wonderful. The rythem, the message, it all fit togther beautifully.
Obviously Anita, you have studied rhythm, meter, and measure. This is very well done - publishable; I suggest Cross Ties or similar Christian magazines.
I also like the concept of "God believes in me." It's something I've never really thought about before. Great job.
When the rhythm is simple the flow is smooth and allows the reader to immerse themselves in the beauty of the imagery. I loved where you took me with this piece. God believes in me ... thank you ... you made my day. Good job!