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Cool! The tone and language is a kick to read.
How creative! Quite an entertaining story in verse! It's filled with Alotta Lyfe! :)
Wow! Whatta feat, to complete, such a tale foretold! Of Ghetta, Haytma, and Bretha Lyfe. And their tales of woe!

What fun to read! And what talent to put it all together!

Soooooo very creative! The reader can't help but smile and enjoy all the names and their related woes. :)
The Fount of Lyfe is fun to read!

With a great message tucked inside....

An awesome story here was told....

True talent you cannot hide!

Loved it - The rhyme was perfect, and the story was very entertaining. In Christ's Love,


My goodness, this is impressive! Such talent with words!!! It is so much fun to read and has a solid message too. Well done.
I love it. You covered a lot of terrain here. Great message.
This is so clever! I'm in total admiration of the gift you have for writing amusing, unforced poetry. One note: (personal preference) Poetry conventions would have you capitalize the first word of every line in poems that are strictly formal in rhyme and meter. Love the punny names and the ultimate victory of Bretha Lyfe.
Loved it...has to be my favorite.
Winsome, funny, cute, entertaining, original, challenging...I'm running out of adjectives! Definitely CREATIVE! How did you come up with so many stanzas?? This is so...unique. Enjoyed the names and word choices. Superb job! This takes poetry to another level!! :-)

Wow! I don't know much about poems,but this one is astounding.
Oh, I read it aloud and laughed all the way through. Very very funny, and as I'd expect, flawless verse. Good job.
I'm glad I didn't miss this one. It reads like a Scottish ballad. Am I right? To create such interest throughout such a lengthy poem is truly remarkable and the names you chose. The poem is so unique; it should be given a special prize.
Where did your brain find all these characters? And, how fitting each name suits its owner to a T! This is such delightful poetry---the delivery format is as much fun as the content, so your reader has double-dose enjoyment. And, you include a message in the process. Dittos to all the above comments. This is clever as can be.
My goodness . . . this is breathtaking. God has given you an extraordinary gift, Sherry.
Bravo!!! I loved it. Poetry can be so beautiful and moving when it is composed well.
Very creative. A truly enjoyable read.
Terrific ride. Wonderful message and great use of words. You have a true gift. Good job!
My friend, God has, once again, shown off in you. The 'Fount of Lyfe' and The Fount of Life are both so very extraordinary. Besides giving a few good chuckles, the read also demanded attention and had a strong message behind it. A gift from our Heavenly Father indeed. It is great to know that we are heirs in the Kingdom of Eternal Life, adopted though we may be... :::smile::: ...just to know that we have our part in a holy priesthood.
Dear Sherry,

I just had to pop by and say that this poem was my top rated entry for Life. I LOVE it. So funny, original, great's tremendous. Thank you so much for sharing. Remember, the ratings between placing and not are tiny. Congratulations on writing a fabulous piece.
What a wonderful read! Oh Sherry, your creative mind amazes me. Hand clap! Bravo!