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A delight to read! :)

Loved the format and creative change of pace.

Loved the ending!
Exquisite poem! Your lines feel like flower petals in my soul.
For example, what graceful depth in this phrase:
“So I might curl in tranquil bliss,
With things I cannot know...”

Sublime middle transition from masculine rhyme to feminine—I can feel the pace and the suspense building—then:
“Here I come,
I've seen the light;
I am precious
In His sight!”

One would think you actually remember your womb experience, my friend. I just love it!
A wonderful approach to 'life' and so beautifully told! Very creative!
This just possibly may be my favorite poem that I've ever read on this site. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.
Beautiful... that's all I can say....
Beautiful! Absolutely, Beautiful!
the word choices are as precise as always... the message unique... the approach great. No doubt you'll score quite well ... again! Personally I was thrown by the change of rythm.. but I'm not a poet. Just a consumer. Ya done good, but what else is new?!?
Where do you find words to adequately describe this beautiful poem? There are none. Awesome.
I really appreciated your change of style. It was a nice break. (not say we need a break from your work). Although, I was a little confused when you switched the rythmns of this poem. I'm sure the poets underestood why you did it, but to the un poet, it was a little jarring. Other than that, the message was incredible. The word choices were exquisite and the overall theme captured the theme perfectly. Great!
A great gift with words that you put into this remarkable poem.
How masterfully precious! You've captured something so few even take time to consider. There's nothing more I can add to what the others have said ... AWESOME!
You have an incredible gift. I always enjoy reading your work. Great job as usual.
God has given you a tremendous gift of expression through poetry. The scenes burst forth in vivid imagery. Was being born like that for me? I don't know, but I am glad to be fearfully and wonderfully made! Excellent as usual.
Very cool - well done!