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I'm a sucker for story poems, so this was a good read for me; it was like reading the story in the Bible again for the first time.
The rhythm and the rhyme give their own life to this story. They seem to add certainty to it.
It's great to see both rhythmic and rhyming poetry again.
Wonderful approach to the OT story and to this Challenge topic! Yes, it was like seeing this familiar story with brand new eyes! 'Thank you' to such a skillful weaver of delightful verse!
This is an awesome poem - so creative and visual. I loved it. In Christ's Love,

What a magnificent retelling of this passage! Well done.
I wish there was a delightful and meaningful poem like this for every Bible certainly brings freshness to the chapter! Love it!
Such a powerful and masterful way to retell a familiar old story. The way you wrote this made it not only easy to read, but fun as well. Good job.
A very clever rendition of this Biblical truth in verse. You seemed to find the right words to give true meaning and rhythm to your poem, putting it in a class by itself. God surely was with you in the making of this poem.
So glad I ran into this article. This is one of my very favorite chapters in the entire Bible. I had read it so many times and 30 years later God revealed to me what it meant. It has become even more special since then. Excellent beautiful rendition of these wonderful words.