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Huge moral and ethical question that you have had the courage to address here. Great job with a hard subject.
Wow! Powerfully written. Such a beautiful story with an incredible ending. "...he'll be walking with Jesus forever." Amen.
Oooh ... tough stuff here ... and I agree with the earlier comments - very well handled. You've given us enough details and kept revealing more through the piece to keep us following closely and not feeling 'preached at' and yet also succeeded in effectively portraying your message. Well done.
Awesome writing! You lit right into the issue where it hurts. The only thing keeping me from needing a tissue just now is my unabashed admiration for your story-telling skill. The dialogue is so real and alive--right down to the little details, like the brownie crumb thread throughout. The buildup, the discovery of a grief shared...Just perfect. A winner, in my book!
Beautiful, touching story. A very difficult situation, but it came to a great ending. Loved the realism with the brownies too!
Wow, this hit so many nerves for me, yet it was handled so thoughtfully, and, yes, masterfully.

I have a high school friend with a spinal cord injury, and my children were preemies and several of my friends have lost premature babies. I also recently had a friend lose a 6 year old child.

This story touched on so many things and yet made a very strong point in a very sweet, gentle way.

Powerful, powerful story! A delicate subject, handled with love!
"The light of my Savior shone in her eyes."

What a joy and a blessing to have a friend like this, one who is there through whatever storms and dilemmas we may face.

Excellent writing, as always!
Very awesome writing. I always enjoy your work. Great job on a difficult subject.
I read this. Loved it - and thought I would get back to it. I wanted to think about this.

You touched so eloquently and tenderly on such a sensitive subject, for a friend of mine has suffered for her children also.

But yes, the bottom line has to be 'not at the diliberate cost of another child.'

Thankfully science is researching the same processes without the same consequences.

Tender, poignant, timely, powerful, perfect. A joy to read such work.

Thought provoking to say the least. Very touching dialog on a very controversial issue. Good job!
You handled this touchy subject with such grace and wisdom. Beautiful job. Captivating to the end.
Thanks for sharing this great message!
Great job Jan.

Powerful message handled very well. The story was also written wonderfully.
Excellent piece on a delicate subject.
As usual, you did a professional job...This should score high!
Beautifully illustrated struggle of a mother. We all want what's best for our children.
Oh Jan, you moved me to tears, again. At least I think I found your "yummy things" entry (I didn't think the Spider or the Fly sounded yummy at all :)

You have to have a book of your stories for us, soon, so we can just revel in your choice words, thoughts, emotions. Thank you, too, for the comment you left on my entry, dear friend.
Your consistent willingness to be vulnerable in sharing all of these mother-emotions is so powerful. Fabulous work, dear lady!
Wow! What an impact your writing has as the Lord seems to reach through your words to touch the hearts of your readers. His grace is exposed so beautifuly in this story. Thank you so much for sharing your heart without fear of the controversy surrounding the topic. God bless you ....
Life throws so many hard choices our way. Good thing that His grace abounds unto us in each and every one of them. Awesome story!
You never cease to amaze me Jan!
Oh Jan! I almost forgot! I'm so glad you finally decided to bring along those brownies. I've been waiting! LOL
Wonderful!I'm glad I finally took the time to read it!:) Very personal and very real. thank you!
Jan, Congratulations on your EC win. I am so glad this story won!
Jan, congratulations on a (nother!) well-deserved win!
Powerful courageous writing. Well done Jan - you've done it again!
A well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS! :)
Congratulations, Jan. This story is so real life that it breathes with every word. This is a story a reader can get his teeth into. It's deep, poignant, disturbing...real. Wonderful always!
Congratulations Jan, you did an awesome job with a sensitive, moral, and heart breaking subject. Beautiful!
Jan, I have to add my praise - not just for this extraordinary piece but for you. I'm so thankful for the gift God has given you. I believe that God is going to raise you up even higher in the writing work He has for you. You are His voice!