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A cracking good supernatural fantasy here! This could be developed into a good novel, I think. I like the angel who shows up as a little girl to drive home the divine point--cool!

Perhaps the pastor's dialogue with the girl might have been a bit more true to life if you'd simply ended his reply to her with "...not any more." But just a tiny nitpick...This is really good!

What an important message and you've communicated it so effectively. I think many of us can relate to this type of situation, too.
AWESOME! From a pastor's wife.
Oooh... brilliant....! Loved the dialogue.

And welcome to Masters!
You could have almost been in our church a few weeks ago. Only we gave a 30 day notice. Good job.
Wow Beth! This really different for you and you pulled it off well!

I like the idea of the little girl being an 'angel unaware' and the warfare we don't see, but is there.

Soooo ... kudos to ya girl! :)
Such a picture of how we fight not against flesh and blood. Good job revealing the enemy behind the scene. Loved this! Master Quality in my book.
I liked this a lot, Beth. Spooky, neat... The battle between the pastor and the council was too real. Frank Perreti better watch out!