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Not a whole lot to say, is there? Excellent, mesmerising, as usual. A few forced places, but a re-read set them right.
Wow, so beautiful! Loved the rhythm of it all. Definitely a spiritual place to strive for. Great work!
Awesome! I love the title, the medieval theme, the flow, the message. Everything.
I have to applaud! A wonderful poem and well crafted.
You always manage to have such great lines, like:
"I cannot see my Master's face
With vision dim and blurred,
Or sing my praises to His name
With lyrics thick and slurred."

"How intrishting," replied the king,
This poem wasn't as clear and focused as your usual ones, and I think that's because you have two settings - one in the banqueting hall, and one in the scullery. It may have been more focused if you had started with the king finding the scullery maid and then contrasted his thoughts with hers.
Great job again, I always enjoy your poetic stories.
Oh wow, the chills on my arms tell me as I read in awe! Perfection from the Masters heart through yours.

I have a feeling ... :)
What an absolute delight from the master of the narrative poem!! Mesmerizing indeed!!
Truly a Master Wordsmith in the Art of Rhyme! Awesome, absolutely breathtaking!
I so enjoyed this. What wonderful talent you have! Very well done.
Wonderful, each stanza created a visual and the rhythmic flow made reading enjoyable.
Iloved this! I always look forward to reading your poetry.
Another winner Kenn! Another one on the favorites list.
I love your poetry.I always feel as if I am in some kind of motion I can't get out of until I read to the end. They are kinda like a flowing river, yes that's it and I enjoy taking the journey. Blessings to you and your talent.
yup... I knew this was yours. Most excellent work ... as usual. Another winner. Is your mantle getting filled yet with the trophies?
Amazing ... how do you do it?

Loved it! I tried to be Kenn-ish in my little poem this week, but after reading this wonderful story, I'm going to go crawl under a rock. You're just so good!
Congratulations, Kenn! I too, felt inspired to "try" a somewhat Kenn-styled bit of poetry this week...You are inspiring, even if rather hopeless to beat!

I wish that I could write poetry like that. The minute I read it, I knew it was your entry. There is something distinctive in your style. I could see everything that the characters saw in my mind's eye. You have an extroadinary gift, Kenn. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Kenn, writing works as AWEsome as this really pushes the bar high. I should through in my towel now. But I won't! Your are an inspiration & a true Master of Poety. May the Lord keep guiding your pen as you right for the glory of HIM!

opps! spell check...throw
Pure inspiration! Congratulations on your First Place EC!
Kenn, I have apsired to write poetry for years now. I have worked and played and prayed. Still, nothing I put on paper is comparable to what comes from you. Please, continue to bless us all with your boundless imagination and your playfullness with words. Thank you, Miss Andre.
Congratulations, Kenn. You deserved to win. Awesome poem. The story weaves effortlessly through your prose. Very enjoyable.
This was brilliantly done. I had just a couple of meter problems, but I'm reading it at 545am, so what does that tell you??? I don't often leave comments, but I'm proud of you. Great job.