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I enjoyed this. It is sometimes harder to receive help than to give it. The man's acceptance of the offered love and help in the end was beautiful. Great story.
This is gorgeous! I love the fairy tale nature of it and the strong message that comes through, especially through the capitalization of D for Driver at the end.
This was such a nice story. Very easy to relate to and to grasp the message. God bless!
A wonderfully rich story with lots of truths to catch hold of. Thanks for posting.
This was a fantastic analogy of how hard it is for some to openly receive what God has to offer them. Your first two paragraphs have a few grammar mistakes, but you've probably seen them since.
Is this part of a bigger story?
This is a great story! I would love to read more.
I agree--very good story.
I mostly liked how they stopped and looked at each other. It was well placed both times. You told a very good story in a time and place that I find difficult to write about. Nice job!!:)
Very beautiful... just the tense and spelling problem at the beginning, and I'm sure you're already aware of them.

We so often reject God's abundant mercy and grace, thinking we are more than able to carry our burdens and solve our problems on our own. To be honest... it made me cry... thank you for sharing....
"The driver looked down the man looked up their eyes met." Loved that line. Reminds me of the scripture in John where He chooses us first. You did not choose Me, I chose you. When He looks at us with such love, how can we but respond. Very touching with a sense of sweet romance.
It is amazing that we find it easier to give than to receive, but it is so true. Wonderful story and message.
poetic language (surprise!) and a very nice story. Excellent. I wasn't partial to the dialect, but that's just me. I think you'll do well here. Very good!
What a beautiful allegory! Just full of aha! moments, and I really like the voice.
The allegory and language are well done. A major flaw/conflict in the issue, email me, can discuss it.
I loved it. You created a real fairytale here for sure. Good job.
I'm with Terri and Brenda, love how they looked at each other.

Wonderful allegory, Pat! I love it!
What an imaginative piece and a great take on the topic. Well done.
excellent story. I liked it very much.