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Loved it!!!! VERY creative, loved the dialect, everything. Excellent take on the topic. (Some minor details... fourth paragraph... "their" should be "there." And a few places that need commas to set off persons being directly addressed.)
Interesting view on abundance. I have to think on that. Fun story.
Love it! This simply sparkles with humor, wisdom, creativity and 'in-the-back-door' praise to God! Your laid-back style and homey dialogues made it the devotional read I've had in a long time. Excellent entry, wonderful slant!
Enjoyed this very much!
I never thought about seeing things that way before. I enjoyed reading that snippet of wisdom. I noticed one or two errors with tense at the beginning. The dialogue was good.
What a marvelous bit of homespun wisdom. I loved this line especially: "Whatever your abundance of abilities are, determines your life’s path. If you resist it, you’ll have an abundance of misery. Whatever you’re full of defines ya."
Good job.
A defining moment indeed!

One constructive comment about the first paragraph. It bothered me to have a fragile woman bellowing ... I imagine a ruddy faced country wife with flour on her hands and overalls bellowing, but not a fragile woman.

Having said that, your piece is thought provoking and some of your phrases are quite clever! Well done.
I meant to say, "the BEST devotional read I've had in along time!" Congratulations, Lissa! I'm glad the judges thought so, too.
Congratulations on a well deserved win!:)
Lissa, kinda like the glass is half full, not half empty.

Congratulations on your win!
Really neat, hadn't thought of it that way before. I like the setting too, not as common as many stories. Thanks
Lissa, CONGRATULATIONS, "Defining Moments" love the title, love the way you wove this story!