The Official Writing Challenge
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Very cute, creative and clever! A fun read. I really enjoyed this. You certainly covered the essential ingredients for abundance. "From His abundance each were fully fed..." Great job!
Ha ha! Absolutely delightful! The rhyme scheme, the Mother Goose names, the trip down "Writer's Challenge Memory Lane? Exquisitely clever, and a hoot to boot!

Excellent! Your title was spot on and I loved all the alliteration scattered among the verses.
How funny and full of life! Now you need to write a book about each of the characters from Allegorica!
Yes! Delightful in every way! I too especially enjoy the clever alliteration you've used all the way through this perfectly pleasing poem! :)
This is really a treat! Love how you used all the topics from the past few weeks and wrapped them neatly with clear meanings. Abundantly delightful in every way!
Wonderful... I loved the walk back down the last nine weeks. Colourful, visual.
This so made me smile,absolutely beautiful,funny and thought provoking at the same time.
another very strong piece, Jan. I liked the rythm, most the words choices, and the message. Very good! You'll do well!
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

I bet you had fun writing this too.
The last line on each verse made me think of hymns :)and I loved the names of your characters. Clever work.
Good job. I really enjoyed this piece. thanks
Excellent---so creative!
Congratulations, Jan! You sure gave the Master a great run for his money. I'll be the scores were different by something like .001!
I couldn't comment last night due to being continually disconnected from the internet. It's always a pleasure reading your stories. Congrats on your win!

Jan, congratulations on your EC Win! This was my favorite this week! I am so happy you won!
I've decided to go against the flow.

I hate this. I can't believe you won-AGAIN. it's no fair. Who are you paying off? TELL ME! Fine. No brownies for you. (wink)

Love ya Jan. Proud of you!!! Should I air mail the brownies?