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Zzzzzing! You got me! Laughing. Convicted. Great story, in nice, tight verse! Very strong ending, taking the humor and diving deep and to the point. Well done!
Superb! I loved it! Every line and every word carefully selected and the message so clear. I love your word choices - they are just spot on. Even the odd spaces between the verses worked really well!
Bravo! (for a minute there, I thought she was going to see all her stuff at a garage sale or on the tables of Goodwill and buy everything back!) :)

Never had so much fun being convicted! :)
Beautifully done! Meter and word choice 'right on'! Message is delightful yet pointed and relevant! Great treatment of this topic!!!
I haven't read any entries in quite awhile. I'm sure glad I stopped by to read this one. I had me smiling the whole read. Your meter and word choices flowed materfully. I guess that's why you're in the Master's category.(:
Hmmm, I guess I can't go back and fix all my typos. LOL
Loved this, clean the cabients and the mind all with good humor. Delightful.
I wondered about where this was going at the beginning. But the ending was so strong that it really clarified things! Very good lessons. Keep at it!
Great lesson on the benefits of Flylady, but even more on how much more important it is to declutter our minds compared to our homes (even though it is hard to think with so much junk in every corner).
Fun use of rhyming language, a couple of forced pieces, but good work overall.
Excellent work! I love it - both the practical and the spiritual decluttering.

I bet you can get this published somewhere! Give it a go.
In Christ I'm flying high...kinda reminds me of being a Jesus Freak. I just loved that last line.

What's more important than that was the message. I really needed that. Thank-you so much.

Beautifully done. It drew me in from the beginning and kept me to the end. Loved it.