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Oh, this is great. I love the imagery, the thoughts, the insight. Technical things aside, this is just plain a great story. I'm honestly not sure what else I can say, I'm just sitting here grinning (could it be that moment of unnderstanding?)
Anyway, thank you.

God bless,

Sweet, wholesome story! It sounds like your main character recognized her purpose early on. Nice job. :)
What a wonderfully sweet and touching story! A pleasure to read and funny too: He might as well have said giraffe. How awesome that one life can go on to touch so many. Great job!
What a delightful story! I've also experianced times when I was able to say something to make a difficult thing clear to another.
Excellent writing & straight from the heart. Thank God for you all called by God to be teachers.
Nice job and a good read. I've always wondered about what a teacher feels with summer coming! Now I know! Good writing!
This was exactly what I needed to read today--I'm a teacher, and it has been a stressful year, and I've lost that wondrous feeling to some degree. But you're absolutely right--it's what keeps us going. Teaching is the best!

Oh, and really good writing, by the way. Pulled me right along.
Oh, you made me cry over this story of a precious boy finding his purpose in life! Coming from a family of teachers, I will have to add this to my "favorites" and share it with them. This is a genuine masterpiece. I just love it. Thank you so much!
Teaching children is a special gift! Love this story. Great entry.
God certainly puts His marks on little children and leads them to His path. Thanks for this story that emphasizes a calling. Well written.
Beautiful. The teacher that recognized the gift of teaching in the narrator, the story with the jelly beans, the way that he became a teacher himeself - lovely.

If I were a child, the jelly beans would never have stayed in my pocket, let alone for a whole morning, but perhaps that's not true for all children!

Well done.
Jim, I am SO proud of you!!! What an honor! Congrats buddy!
Wow, I have tears in my eyes. I didn't read this until after the winners were announced. You definitely deserve to win! This is wonderful, awesome. I am a teacher....the way that you describe the heart of a teacher is just awesome. Thank you so much for this! I am going to share this with all of my teacher friends!
Congratulations! I love the way your ending zipped me back to the present, leaving a lifetime of yet unwritten stories wrapped around my heart. So well-deserved!
Congratulations, James! I am so delighted to see this story in top place. I just love it! Thank you for writing this for us to hold in our keepsakes.
What a wonderful story! I'm inspired to practice more patience in homeschooling as I watch for that "rapturous expression" when they finally understand. I'm thankful for those moments. Truly, an inspirational piece. Thanks.
Congratulations! This is AWESOME. I have tears in my eyes. This was the perfect entry for purposefulness. I'll bet you are a GREAT teacher and that your kids love you (even when they don't show it). God bless you for your faithfulness to your calling.
Absolutely...what can I say? It is awesome, terrific, touched me to the core of my being, and yes...had to blow my nose and wipe the tears from my eyes. Great piece of artistic talent on paper. A Masterpiece. Kudos!