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This is sooo beautiful! You have such an anointed gift for poetry!
what's this! Second day and you only have one commnet! Call someone, anyone!!!! What's wrong? Well, nothing's wrong with this piece. beautiful. A modern day parable. Beautifully written. Almost made me cry. I'm an animal lover. Great words. Everything seemed to belong. Great message. I think you hit all the points. Should score extremely high, but that's not a surprise! Your writing is extremely obvious (that's a great thing!)
Fantastic! Such eloquence of pen and prose. You must live by the beach. Very deserving of accolades. God has indeed blessed.
Absolutely captivating, I write poetry (preschool) compared to this. I love every one you write. Even though I write poetry, I am not overly fond of reading poetry. Yours is the exception in every way. I went and most of them, will catch the rest later. A wonderful and beautiful gift. Blessings
This is gorgeous! I love that your rhymes are so beautifully unforced, and your rhythm suggests the rhythms of the waves. And the story put a big 'ol lump in my throat when I realized where you were going.
Yet another week where the author calls his piece bad only to have it win? Time will tell. Personally I think you are a victim of your own success ... you generate such high levels of expectations for everything that you do ... it's a wholelot to live up to. I read this and subconsciously compare it against your classics of the past. I personally don't think it measures up to some of them. But, then again, it doesn't have to! It only has to measure up to the other pieces of this week. And that's in the hands of the judges ... the results stored in a mayonaise jar on Funk and Wagnel's fornt porch. (or however that old Karnack line went!) Good luck and great writing.
Beautifully written! Can't you teach us how to write poetry like this? Well, I guess not since it's a God-given gift. :):) Wonderful!
Nice job Kenn--as usual. I wondered if you would return to your trademark style. My attempts at this style of writing have so far been um... well, you make it look so easy.
Beautiful as always. I love it.
Amazing! So creative too; I never would have thought of something like this. You are a true literary master!
Magnificent ... of course!

Just a silly little comment.... If the injured gull is sitting unconscious on the buoy and doesn't hear the pelican come, where does the pelican put those minnows? Next to him? Are buoys big enough for that?

A tiny little criticism that probably only reflects my lack of understanding about what buoys look like. Overall, brilliant work, as always.
Congratulations, Ken! Your poetry always takes me places. This time it was my beloved northern Atlantic, where that "azure line" has mesmerized and beckoned countless times. Great story in verse!
Another good job - not as stellar as Lucinda Druell maybe, but very good all the same. I'd encourage you to try out a writing piece that is more like prose next week. You obviously have the poetic gift, but, like Jessica, I think you could use the poetic and put it into a fictional story and do very well with it.