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I was just eating an Almond Joy today thinking someone should have used that for the challenge! LOL Funny story.
Very creative, but I felt like you were preaching a little strong. That could just be me, but I kinda tuned out during the longer "object lesson" speeches. are a very talented writer. You have incredible talent when it comes to dialogue and you came at this topic in a creative way. Kundos to you.
I heard Joel Olsteen speaking through Henry's mouth! Really, though a cute story. I enJOYed it!
While there's obviously quite a few chocolate bar names I don't know (maybe specific to your country?), I know enough to see that this is a clever take on the theme of chocolate. I wouldn't have picked the 'joy' theme were it not for the first comment here, but that's because I'm not familiar with Almond Joy bars ... they sound great though!

Clever writing.
I thought this one was yours! The amazing thing is, desptie the gimmick of the candy names (very, very cute), you still managed to work in a very apt lesson, and in a delicious way. A masterpiece of wordsmanship.
Ha ha! This was a delicious read. Good job!
Very clever. Loved all the candy bar names. Now I'm off to read it again to see if I missed any!
Very good, very creative. I lost count of all the candy names.
For those of you interested enough in my quirkiness, here they are: Clark, Dots, Take Five, Oh, Henry, Whoppers, Cadbury, Sour Patch, Chuckles, Zero, Pay Day, 100 Grand, Good & Plenty, Sugar Daddy, Almond Joy, Reese's, Nerds, Air Heads, Rocky Road, Mounds, Butterfingers, Hot Tamales, Milky Way, Chunky, Jelly Belly, Lifesavers, Snickers. My teeth hurt thinking of all those possible cavities!
I am sooooooooooooo blind!!! JoJo that is so creative! Maybe next time you do something that genious try to tip the readers off (dense one's like myself. I don't know how you could do that without looking obvious. Maybe something in the title. But Gosh, now that I know, that's the most creative entry I've ever seen! INcredible. Man, I wish I caught that before. Great job!
A delightful read, only now I'm hungry! Love it!!
05/28/06 must have really worked at getting all that candy in there. :)
Loved the witty dialogue... sounded very real. Nice Job.
This was really creative. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the smile on what has been a rough day.
Very clever and well written.
Fess up girl, I bet you had to write through your own tears of laughter on this one! This has 'Mounds' and 'Mounds' of humor! (my fav by the way!) A little too subliminal for me - I'm off to get my chocolate! ;)
Jo, you've outdone yourself! This is fantastic - very creative and clever. I put together candy bar posters for "over-the-hill" birthday parties I attend - the word-play is so fun, isn't it? :-) Loved your humor, as usual, and the story was great. Should get high marks from the judges... :-)
I'm glad you posted all of the candies in a comment. I only found 23 and was about to PM you to know the rest! lol (I missed Dots and we don't have Chuckles here) Great job and yummy word choices. The wife's name is a personal fav. :)