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well, if this doesn't place in the top three, I'll be shocked. Incredible job. I'm betting you're either kenn, Ann, Anita or Jan. Wow. I don't know what else to say.
This is poetic and beautiful to read, leaving tears in my eyes and love in my heart as I remember losing my first-born son one day after he was born. Thank you for sharing this story that will bless all who have an opportunity to read it. Awesome.
How masterfully you tear the veil between heaven and earth in this piece! Your gift is our gift. Thank you.
Beautiful. Precious. Touching.
There are no words for this. Absolutely breathtaking. This is such a difficult story conveyed with so much grace. My heart is breaking and breathing in all of your love for this beautiful child all at the same time. Thank you for the journey.
That is really pwerful writing! I loved the last few lines - all that the boy had not been able to do on earth - he now does with the Father.
You've touched my heart and soul. Beautiful writing!
Oh yes, this goes beyond words. Lovely.
This has reached me deep down in my soul. I could keep on reading and reading....
Wow. This is awesome writing and a beautiful story. Thanks so much. I'm moved beyond words.
I really want to know if this writer has truly lost a child ... it rings so true. Very powerful writing, and the conclusion is just magnificent.
Can this be described in any other way but beautiful? Such extraordinary writing. This story is a wonderful gift to families who have loved and lost such a child.
Very moving story. I like the way you moved through the ages of the child. Brought tears to my eyes.
Jan, Absolutely master-ful. Tried as I might, I could not help but cry. Fabulous as usual.
Jan, Jan, Jan, Jan. This is absolutely beautiful. I cannot tell you if there are any grammatical errors or not because the kindred spirit between this mother and son consumed me until I was there.

"He is slipping away—my brave young fellow is closer now to heaven than he is to me." This is one of many lines that tugged at my heart.

Your story did not bring a tear to my eye. It literally caused me to weep rivers for the beauty of love that extends beyond the imperfections of this mortal life. Outstanding!
Wow is right. This is an incredible story. Very touching.
Jan, this is just beautiful. It's so real, so powerful the way that you wrote it. I had goose bumps when reading the ending! Wow!
Touching, heartfelt, you brought the emtions of this mom right into my heart. Masterful conclusion. Anionted writing!
i can't remember the last time anything I read made me cry, but I'm crying now.
A beautifully written story that touched the strings of my heart...and made me weep...Weep for joy at the last words about running to embrace, seeing, and sining.....very well done!
Mmmm. Jan, this is perfect. You conveyed this mother's heart so well! And if I hadn't already been crying by the time I got to those last few lines, I certainly would've started then. And the very last line did me in completely. I'm a mess! Fabulous writing, dear lady!!!
I knew a precious little girl who went home when she was 10 yrs. old - she was so loved. You captured my friends 'mother heart' perfectly - my daughter was her daughters one and only childhood friend. And Heather knew when Stephanie was there. She would climb up on Heather's water bed and Heather would laugh as only her pure attempt would allow. We believed her roaming unseeing eyes were following the Angels as they fluttered and hovered, tending to her unseen needs.

Precious beyond words Jan. Perfect.
This is stunning!

I work with a little boy every Sunday who is a lot like the little one you describe in your story - I take him from his parents during Sunday service and just pray over him for the time I have him. I have often wondered how the parents deal with having a child who is so severely handicapped - you answered that for me.

Other friends of ours have a son who is now 11 and he has the mental capacity of an 10 month old - has a feeding tube, cannot walk, he can hear and see, but cannot process - again, I wonder how they do it, but again, you gave me a picture - thank you.
Simply awesome, Jan! I'm betting this is a top winner!
What else can be said? Powerful writing. My sister's youngest daughter was like this. She was an infant until she died at 6 1/2 years. She never walked, spoke, heard us, or communicated in any way. But she was loved. And she took that love to heaven with her. You beautifully captured this mother's heart and I believe my sister's.
Stunning and masterful.
Holy comments, Batman! LOL. It's no wonder why you've received so many. Not many entries have made me teary but this one did. (especially the last part about being closer to heaven than to his mother). I don't think any mother out there could read this without feeling a definite pang in her heart. Simply wonderful. But I'd expect nothing less from you. :-)
I love how you beautifully intertwine poetry through out this touching story. Wonderful. You inspire me to write better. You truly have a gift for words.
This was very well written. I'll have to say, I didn't feel any joy after reading this, but rather sadness at the loss. BUT, I count it all joy that whatever our trials, He has gone before us and prepared the way. It really helps me put things into perspective and to count my blessings. Good luck--hope you do well!
Absolute perfection, Jan!Breathtaking in every way! This is so masterfully bittersweet, and showcases the perfect union of poetry and prose! You're amazing!!
What can I say? This story is both touching and heart wrenching. To love a child is such a special and mysterious act. To love a special child is a mysterious and spiritual act. Very well written. Two thumbs up!
Congratulations, Jan! You definitely deserved it!
Congratulations, Jan! I'm so glad this piece won. It just lodged in my heart all week and I couldn't stop thinking about it. You're an inspiration to us all!
Wow - as a new mother, your story has left me speechless. Very well done.
Congrats on this well-deserved first place! In my opinion, there really aren't words to describe a reader's response to evokes such deep and personal feelings and thoughts. Sacrifice. Humility. Growth. Redemption. And of course, JOY. Amazing work. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being a spokeswoman for the Lord!!
Congratulations, Jan! This win is so well deserved. This is the most powerful writing I may have ever read. It just tears my heart out and leaves me sobbing. You have so beautifully portrayed that bittersweetness of life: as hard as it is to let go, you would never trade having him for a short time for never having known him at all. (I don't suppose you can autograph this FW book :) Thank you and God bless you, Jan!
Room for one more? Kudos! My friend, Kudos!
Jan - I just finished reading "Abundance of Life" anthology, and I have to say that this particular piece moved me more than anything else I read in the entire book. Amazing, my friend.
WOW. This is so heart-wrenching. It leaves me with a haunting sort of feel as if I've been watching precious moments meant only for the mother and her child. Beautiful!
Wow, Jan! This is very touching. You always WOW me!