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I enjoyed learning about Zimbabwe, especially about your friend finding Christ. I hope many more in Zimbabwe are also blessed. Another angle that might be interesting would be to tell a personal story about your friend's experience. That could be even more interesting than all the facts.
Very well written. You spoke about your points very clearly and passionatly. Very good, strong piece.
A moving picture, heartfelt with well-stated vignettes. I'd like to see a bit stronger opening, such as the "death spiral" thought. One more rewrite for thought/paragraph organization would make this piece realllllly shine!
[I have a vague feeling I know who wrote this; a person who knows whereof he/she speaks]. This is an excellent piece that does not have to depend on fantasy or metaphore or allegory. It is REAL. The simple TRUTH of a subject often reveals its best definition. A+ in my book. LG
I also think I know who wrote this. :-) Well done. Thank you for the prayer reminder.
I would love to hear this preached, perhaps accompanied by images. Very powerful!
This reminds me of the days when we would have visiting missionaries with their 'slides' of their work. This has that 'feel' to it and is very effective. Good story telling.
No, I didn't write this one, but I so appreciate the extra attention on an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Great work, Al!
Al, as always, your words are words that inform and inspire! Everything you write is saturated in reality and infused with unction and hope. I've learned much from this article and will be praying especially for Zimbabwe. Thank you once again!
You capture the heart of a hurting nation. This message needs to reach others, like myself, who are not aware of their plight. Beautifully written. Thanks.
Very well written, very strong writing skills. Excellent polish. This is a real ssttrroonngg piece. My only request would be to hear more from your subject matter expert (Jonathan). I wanted to get more from him since he added so much validity to the piece. Overall well presented and nicely done. Could this be a non-fiction winner? I think maybe!
A painful but beautifully written subject. You painted a true picture of events in Zimbabwe and with God's help your friend Jonathan will be able to realize his dream of helping his country out of its rut.
An eye-opener & excellent writing skills! Thank God your friend found new life in Christ & is helping others there now!
Factual and informative and convincing. Well stated and concise. Good job!
Thank you sharing this from your heart. Well written!