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WOW! This brought tears to my eyes. Powerful story. Very well written.
Oh...this was sad and beautiful. The child ministering to her father with such believable faith. Great work. The writing is outstanding.
What a beautiful but sad story. Sometimes it takes a child to see what we can not. They are young but sometimes wiser than ourselves. Thank you for reminding me.
Oh wow ... Oh wow... One of my favorites so far. This will win something. The hope of the mother for her family, the hope of the daughter being so much like mom, the hope of the family seeing the mother again and the hope of them all in the promise of a new life. Bravo Bravo. Winner!
"Drops inside IV tubes seemed to count down her remaining moments, sand in some sort of obscene hourglass." - Wow! Superb writing. Enjoy the winners' circle.
Ok, tears running down my cheeks, gasping for of the best, definitely.
I was transported back to the ICU where my mother died. Beautifully done description and feelings brought to life. Good job.
Absolutely beautiful. This is the very best hope of all! A winner, I think.
I started out trying to keep track of the special phrases that are particularly effective. There were too many, coming too solidly one upon another for me to even be able to start to list! You are such an observer, a poet, a wonderful weaver of words...the arc of light, wilting flowers, weight on the chest, all descriptive both physically and symbolically. You put me 'right there' and I'm still hurting. Heartwrenchingly and beautifully bittersweet. No surprise, you're truly a master!
Reminded me of my cousin who lost her life to cancer back in 96... she left two young ones and a husband behind as well. This touched me.
You have very beautifully reminded us that death is not the end and that we should actually "rejoice." You have touched our hearts, made us to feel loss, helplessness, hope, and love. You've definitely connected with the reader. Superb!
WOW. A very emotional and well written story. Excellent.
Beautiful story. Well done.
You captured the broken heart of a family here. Great job. Well written.
A masterpiece written by divine inspiration from the Master.
I hope this isn't a true story, is it? You've painted the picture of a husband unable to stop his loved one's passage across the divide so well, I wondered. Beautiful, awesome description and a strong emotional pull! Definitely one of the top stories of the week!
Sure pulls on the heartstrings but.... just kidding! Great work! Yeggy
Very Real! (too much so)
Charity's dialogue shows a maturity of faith - dad's in good hands. Even with the Assurance of resurrection, the pain of loss is still vivid.
I knew someone would name there character Hope and hoped it wouldn't ring cliche -it didn't. Well done -as always.
Beautifully, masterfully done. Bravo!

This was an amazing story told so lovingly and with such mastery. A winner for sure.
Well Maxx, I was almost right. two excellent poets above you. You should be proud!
Okay-- I'm bawling like a baby here. Besides being wonderfully written and sensitive, I liked your honesty. When we go through these gut-wrenching times, I think, as Christians, that we are afraid to admit that we have these feelings. We pray and barter and beg, and when nothing changes, we can become angry with God and feel forgotten and betrayed. I applaud your bravery for writing about this. And thank you for your ending, reminding us that God is our Hope. I'm sure we've all witnessed what can happen to people that haven't taken the last step and instead turn away and stay away from God. Great job!

I don't envy you as a judge this week-- the entries are remarkable!
I cried...
Congrats, Maxx, on another well-deserved win! You're truly a Master!
This was a joy to read, Maxx, as is all of your work. You also brought tears to my eyes. Your words are powerful and your message is clear. Congratulations and may God continue to bless your writing for His glory. I always look forward to reading your articles.
emotional...hopeful...not enough adjectives for this one. :-)
Maxx,A beautiful piece...Thankyou.Above all,God bless you for finding my piece worthy of your kind critique...Having read this as well as some of your other works, I am encouraged not to throw in the towel...Thankyou so much for your ecouragement to me, a beginner, from such a fine writer, as evidenced by what you've done here.You too, have worlds to conquer!