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Truly well written. My 5 year old granddaughter is waiting at home with her mommy for her daddy to return from Iraq. Her second wait. Hope, faith and trust are hard for adults; I'm grateful my little one has a mommy who loves the Lord and gives my granddaughter reasons to trust her daddy's Father. Excellent story.
This was so sad. Very beautifully written.
Very touching and extremely well written. I loved the images you painted. Looks like a winner here!
Not only was this written expertly with perfect detail and feeling... it also made me hungry! ;-) Really not much at all to pick at. Every now and again the five year old rang a bit older and sophisticated than needed ... maaaaaybe. But, that's just my opinion. Such a minor nit pick that I don't think it will harm your march to the roses. This looks really strong!
Oh, this is beautiful. What a wonderful testimony you have and such a talent to convey it with.
I love the way you rolled two stories into one (pun intended). Beautifully done and a wonderful definition of hope.
Sweet and well written! Like Maxx said, no nitpicking from me! Great job!
Exquisitely told...brought back memories of being outside the tuberculosis hospital waiting for my dear mother and older brother to finish their visit with my father there. Dad died the same month I turned six. You're definitely a master of weaving an entrancing story, Ann.
This is a beautifully written piece. It made me start wondering what kind of pie I have in the freezer. Loved it.
Loving this entry. Good job, thank you for the blessing.
Very well written, great imagery. Very touching story.
Yes, this story does pull at the heart strings, but it is also a beautifully written reminder of how important it is to be creative and use every opportunity to teach our children the ways of their Father.

This is a wonderfully sweet story. Congratulations on the win!
Very nicely written, Ann. I'm glad you rated as a winner. I love family stories as they always bring back happy memories to me. Most of my family is gone now, just my brother and I are left, so every time I read a touching story such as yours, my heart swells with joy. Congratulations and thanks. This was a true blessing to read.
Very REAL, believable, relational. I always enjoy eavesdropping on conversations between the very old and very young. :-)