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Your writing astounds me. I could imagine everything. The statue was crystal clear in my head. Great job!
Fantastic! Loved your descriptive language.
Nicely written and described! You are good!
Nicely captured sentiments. A fwe typos early that caused me to stumble a bit, but I can relate to the vivid descriptions and the attention to detail. Loved the message.
Beautifully descriptive writing. The missed words did cause me to stumble reading it, and your second last paragraph changed tenses. Be careful to make sure that you read and reread and reread before submitting so that nothing happens to cause your reader to have to stop and start again, especially on a piece as beautiful as this one.
You recreated this statue with words so beautifully. What an image. Great job.
Very good descriptive opening! I could feel the rain. I could also 'see' the statue with the wrinkles carved into the face. When you said your MC reached out and touched the statue's face, I winced. Ordinarily, a museum would have sensors that would bring security to the location. Well done but for the few things that others have mentioned. You have a gift for description.
Very descriptive. A good read.
I loved your take on Hope. Very creative! You made the images clear to the reader. Great writing!
Beautiful. I liked this!
I love it when the arts surprise me and inspire me. You've captured that moment with great skill.
Masterful in scope, descriptive in nature and superby written, you have captured the essence of hope. Well done!
I wish a picture could be attached; I want to see this myself! Well done. Very involving.